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Reading Karate: increasing confidence, improving fitness since 1997

Karate Info

Reading Karate recommends Karate-do: My Way of Life by Gichin Funakoshi

Recommended Reading

Karate-Do: My Way of Life (Gichin Funakoshi)

Dynamic Karate (M. Nakayama)

Fundamental Karate (D. Hazard & A. Trimble)

Best Karate Series (Volumes 1-11) (M. Nakayama)

Moving Zen (C W. Nicol)

Spirit of the Empty Hand (S. Schmidt)

Uchi Deshi and the Master (Malcolm Phipps)

The Ah So! Stories (Malcolm Phipps)

Reading Karate Training Times Training

4.45 – 6.00pm:
Children (8-15) and Parents
6.00 – 7.15pm:
Adults (16 and above)

Reading Karate Training Location Location

Classes are held at:

The Warehouse
1a Cumberland Road
(Cemetery Junction)

Dojo Etiquette

• Karateka must always bow on entering and leaving the dojo

• No drinking or eating in the dojo

• No footwear to be worn in the dojo

• Gi (uniform) must be clean, white and in good repair

• Association badge is compulsory on your gi

• Long hair must be tied back

• No Jewellery, pins, metal or plastic hair grips

• Finger and toenails should be clean and short.

• Respect must be shown at all times.

Dojo Kun

One! To strive for the perfection of character!
Hitotsu! Jinkaku kansei ni tsutomuru koto!

One! To defend the paths of truth!
Hitotsu! Makoto no michi o mamoru koto!

One! To foster the spirit of effort!
Hitotsu! Doryoku no seishin o yashinau koto!!

One! To honour the principles of etiquette!
Hitotsu! Reigi o omonzuru koto!

One! To guard against impetuous courage!
Hitotsu! Kekki no yu o imashimuru koto!